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Marina Filipovich
Artist | Professional | Photography
Marina Filipovic Marinshe is portrait & fine art photographer. She has worked with bands, publishers and companies for past 10 years to enchance their image and brand through crisp, original and imersive imagery.

These leading brands include the record label Menart Records, Allianz Insurance, World Archery Society as well as the worlds’s leading publishing companies as Bloomsbury Publishing (USA) and Wiley Publishing (USA).

In 2008. Marina’s photo was chosen among 50.000 others around the world to appear on the cover of the most prestigious photography magazine in the world, the french Photo.

Also, the same year, Marina received the prestigious croatian IT AWARD VIDI WEB Oscar for her PHOTO blog ( ), which was named the best blog in Croatia. Also, it is the first photo blog in the region established in March 2006 and still going strong with updates.

She was chosen by Fleming family and Algoritam Publishing (Zagreb, Croatia) to do the first James Bond book covers in the world with photographs on them. She did covers for the books Casino Royal, Quantum Of Solace and Live and Let Die. Her photos are on the front pages of more than 20 literary titles in Croatia and worldwide.

Marina has had 4 solo exhibitions in Croatia and has participated in 25 group exhibitions around the world (Sweden, India, France (Paris), Cyprus, Italy (Rome), Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia).

Since 2006, her photos can be found in Mexican High school book on photography, which future young photographers will use to both learn from and inspire others - like Marina is doing today!

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